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If you have any questions please email:

What if my interests or field of study changes?

If your interests or field of study change, please shoot us an email at

Who will the check be made out to?

The checks are made out to both the student and the school they will be attending. Checks are mailed to the student who will then need to offer it to their school.

I made an account in the past, can I use the same account to reapply?

Yes, if your account was made during or after the 2022-23 school year. We redid our site that year so any accounts made before then have been deemed inactive.

What student type am I?

There are four student types - HS Senior, Post-Secondary, Adult Learner, and Renewable. If and only if you are currently a senior in high school, you are a HS Senior student type. If and only if you are.... etc.etc.

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